About us

Complete & highly qualitative formulas so adults can be fit at any age.

Fisher Flexan has been created to provide complete formulas with highly bioavailable nutrients for adults. Each formula has been carefully designed to include the best ingredients available on the market for optimal results. Our formulas are adapted to the most common adult needs: energy & vitality, immunity, bone health, hair-nails-skin health, blood circulation.

β€œβ€‰At FISHER we believe that quality should not be a slogan but a reality. ”

Fisher is a top quality producer of food supplements in different forms such as syrup, capsules, tablets and drops for its worldwide customer base. Our body needs important nutrients to function properly.

We can find all of the necessary nutrition in every day food, as long as we adopt a healthy and balanced diet, which is sometimes difficult to do due to our busy daily lives. It is essential to eat fruits for their vitamins and minerals. It is also important to eat cereals and foods with high starch content for their fiber and sugar properties.

All of these foods should be eaten in sufficient quantity to meet the nutritional needs of the body.

To meet the needs of your body.

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